Our Services


The Taranaki Young Peoples Trust provides advocacy for young people and their families. At times when a client feels unheard or unsafe, the professionals at the Trust advocate for the young people and their families to give them a voice. The Trust aims to give power back to the powerless to promote positive, healthy and legal change and the wellbeing of the clients.


The Taranaki Young Peoples Trust provides a safe, supportive and nurturing counselling service to the young people and their families. Clients engage in our counselling service for a range of reasons and our professional, trained counsellors respond to each client in an individualised manner. We offer counselling services which are non-judgmental, confidential and respectful to enhance and empower the clients to live their life with confidence and dignity.


The Taranaki Young Peoples Trust offers a range of information for clients, from information about career choice and job hunting, to information about health, substance use, mental health issues and addiction support. The Trust offers up to date information about a range of things which impacts the lives of young people and their families. The Trust has strong connections within the community and a vast knowledge of services depending on the need of the client.

Alternative Education

The Taranaki Young Peoples Trust runs an alternative education programme. This programme offers students between the age of 13 and 16, the opportunity to engage in education, not only in the core areas like Mathematics and English but also practical skills including cooking on a budget and sustainable living practices. The programme is based on the premise that all students can achieve when they are given the right guidance, support, resources and opportunities. The Young Peoples Trust can give these structures and support to students that struggle to receive these from the mainstream schooling system.

The alternative education programme offers fundamental core learning like literacy, numeracy and preparation for the workforce. We also offer personalised workshops including health issues, stress management, grief issues, cooking, budgeting, effective communication, drug and alcohol issues, and violence prevention. We understand that the students may not have had the same opportunities as other students in the schooling system, therefore the Young Peoples Trust endeavour to offer experiences which are helpful and enhance their social, mental and intellectual abilities. We at the Young Peoples Trust foster the development of skills that are useful for the students’ future and enhance the skills the students already possess.


The Taranaki Young Peoples Trust offers non-judgemental, safe and confidential support for young people and their families. The trained staff offers support which focuses on the strengths of the clients and their families instead of the deficits in order to enhance self-determination, self-esteem and dignity. The Trust offers a range of different support services and as we understand that all clients and families have different needs, support is customised to meet these needs.